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At Lichfield Street Opticians we supply complete spectacles to match your eye care needs to your lifestyle. Whether you require light-reactive photochromic lenses or allergy-free Titanium frames, we can ensure you get the best choices available on the market . . . at competitive prices!

When you have had your eye test you may find that you will require new glasses. This may be because your prescription has changed, or maybe you are a first time spectacles wearer. You may simply feel like having a change in style

We can help you to decide which frames and lens designs are right for you. Click through below for information on our collection of spectacle frames, lenses, sunglasses and contact lenses. If you are looking to have your child’s eyes tested, you can also visit our Children’s Eyecare page.

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Aftercare Services

After you have had your eye test and have received your glasses, what next?

Adjustments and Alterations

At Lichfield Street Opticians we offer a comprehensive aftercare service to all of our patients. If, after a few days of wearing your new spectacles you find that the frame does not sit quite right on your nose, or maybe it pulls on your ears, or if the position of the frame is affecting how your eyes see through your new lenses, do not despair. More importantly, do not suffer in silence! If your frame has slipped, or your eyes are not looking through the correct part of the lens, your spectacles will not be correcting your vision properly and you may end up worsening your eyesight.

Please come and see us at any time during opening hours and we will happily adjust your glasses for you. You don’t even need to book an appointment; just come on through and our dispensing staff will happily work with you to ensure your glasses give you the best vision possible. If you need any kind of advice related to your new spectacles, feel free to call us on 01902 420348. Our staff are on hand to assist you with any queries.


We recognise that sometimes, accidents happen. Mishaps that damage your frames - bending them out of shape; knocking out a lens or two; or even sending a small screw flying out - can be easily rectified by our dispensing staff. Just bring them in to us - again, you won’t need an appointment - and we will happily enact any simple repairs, even while you wait. We can also change / fit new nose pads if your current pads have fallen off or broken. What’s more, this service is free to all of our registered patients as a standard part of our Aftercare services.

Sometimes however, the frame may be damaged beyond our ability to repair in-house (such as if part of the frame has outright snapped). But this does not mean you will need to fork out for new glasses - we can send the damaged frames to one of out specialist partners who can repair the damage for you. There may be a small charge for this service however, usually around 20. If your lenses themselves have been damaged, speak to us - many lens designs have two year guarantees which allows us to replace your lenses for you, free of charge. If your child has damaged his or her glasses beyond repair, we can replace these once within his or her recall period on the NHS.

Caring For Your Glasses

As with any bespoke precision-made item, you will need to take care of your glasses to protect them from damage and to maintain their optimum performance. To avoid some of the mishaps mentioned above, here are some simple tips that can help to ensure that your glasses will aid your vision for years to come.

  • Always keep your glasses safe in their case when not being worn.
  • Take your spectacles off with both hands - this will double the lifespan of your glasses.
  • Never place your glasses face down on any surface or place them near any source of sharp or abrasive material that could come into contact with the lenses.
  • Try to avoid touching your lenses wih your fingers - always aim to grip the frame instead.
  • Try to avoid exposing your spectacles to intense heat as this can potentially warp some frames.
  • Try to avoid steam when wearing your glasses as it can damage the protective coatings on your lenses.

It is also worth mentioning that the regular cleaning of your glasses using proper methods can ensure that your lenses remain effective for far longer:

  • Clean your lenses regularly - clean lenses guarantees good vision.
  • Always use a micro-fibre, silk or lint-free cloth to clean your lenses - one will have been provided by us with your glasses - to prevent scratches to the lenses.
  • NEVER use detergents to clean your lenses as they can have an abrasive effect on any lens coatings you have.
  • Use warm clean water to clean your lenses, and if necessary some simple soap if water alone is not enough (it usually is).
  • Cleaning solutions and sprays are available from us which are the most ideal way for polishing your lenses if you find that soap and water is not enough to clean them thoroughly.

By following these simple tips, your glasses should last you for years to come - which some of our older patients can attest to!